Liquid Organic Manure Foliar Spray

Did you know that plants absorb nutrients just as quickly through their leaves as they do through their roots? Foliar feeding provides an almost instant intake of nutrients.

Why Foliar Spraying?

Plant feeding with foliar spray has become more and more accepted as an improved method of feeding plants. While watering plants with nutrients is necessary to ensure that the roots get adequate water and nutrient foliar spray is also a great tool. One estimate of the effectiveness of foliar spray is that it can be upto 20 times more effective. Foliar sprays will put the nutrients right on the plant where they will be absorbed.

Amino Acid

Most commercial plant nutrients only contain fewer nutrients that plants require. If you add Turbovalar 100 to your regular plant diet it rapidly corrects nutrient deficiencies and generates stronger and healthier plants. It contains L-amino acids including l-threonine, l-valine, l-methionine and some necessary amino acids such as l-arginine, l- histidine. Turbovalar 100 is made from natural protein and easily dissolves in water.

Turbovalar 100 is fortified with trace minerals to produce a naturally complex and complete plant food containing free amino acids, polypeptides and proteins which allows the plant to uptake the food in a much more efficient and rapid fashion. Nutrients are rapidly absorbed into plants. This significantly improves fertilizer efficiency and plant response times, particularly when the plant is under physiological or environmental stresses.

Amino Acid Based Plant Biostimulation

The basic management objective for maximizing net photosynthesis (plant food production) and minimizing physiological disorders is to provide the best possible growing conditions for uniform growth throughout the growing season. Uneven growth results from environmental stresses (temperature fluctuations, frosts, moisture levels, salt levels, chemical damage).

Any mechanism or means of assisting plants to maintain more uniform and lasting growth, particularly during periods of intermittent stress, will minimize the chance of yield and quality loss during periods of adverse conditions. Turbovalar 100 was designed for this purpose through using L form amino acid based plant biostimulation.

The effectiveness of the L form amino acid chelates in Turbovalar 100 is particularly high at the foliar level and can remedy minor deficiencies in a plant that often have no symptoms.

  • Turbovalar 100 is responsible for flower initiation and early fruiting.
  • Turbovalar 100 is important in promoting growth , as it acts as a bio-stimulator.
  • Turbovalar 100 plays an important role in Nitrogen assimilation.
  • Turbovalar 100 increases resistance of plant against pests.
  • Turbovalar 100 is required for chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Turbovalar 100 is needed to maintain the water equilibrium and it improves cell wall strength. Due to its activities it helps plant to overcome water stress.
  • Turbovalar 100 increases crop production by 10 to 35%.

External application of Turbovalar 100is profitable in agriculture. Many farmers have recorded 10 to 35% increased yield, when Turbovalar 100 is sprayed on Cotton, chilies, groundnut, sunflower, tomato, potato, grapes, tea, coffee, paddy and wheat.

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    1. First spray is recommended soon after flowering followed by second and third sprays When flower buds start opening and when fruit is at peanut.

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