Premium performance enhancer for coating applications

Turbonol TDP

Who will say no to a flawless finish for his/her building? What a heart-warming feeling it would be when the surrounding buildings are affected by craters or blisterings and your building is having an eye catching appearance? This would be a dream for everyone but it is no more a dream for people who have known WOPPER. The quality approved Turbonol TDP – Performance Enhancer for Coating Applications from the house of WOPPER can help you achieve the flawless finish for your building.

What is Turbonol TDP?

Turbonol TDP is a premium performance enhancer for coating application. It will reduce the crater formation and increase the levelness of coatings.

Why Turbonol TDP?

  •  Reduces surface tension of the coating system to less than 25 dynes/cm at a concentration as   low  as 0.01 %.
  •  Can be used in both solvent as well as water borne systems.
  •  Increases levelness of the coating.
  •  Prevents crater formation in coatings involving substrates with low surface tension.

Where to use Turbonol TDP?

  • Paints and printing inks
  • Over print varnishes
  • Wood coatings
  • Leather coatings

Dosage: 0.05 – 0.10 % on the total weight of the system.

How to store Turbonol TDP?

Turbonol TDP must be stored in a shaded place at room temperatures. When stored in its original sealed container, it has a shelf life of at least 24 months. When the container is opened, it is advised to use the contents quickly. The container must be closed air-tight after every use.

Author: Shri Meera Labs

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