Hand Wash


Bacteria is found everywhere. Even though they are not visible with the naked eyes, their presence can be felt when we get sick. So to minimize the risk of infection and to enhance the overall health, maintaining personal hygiene is necessary.

Washing hands and cutting nails seem to be small things but these matters a lot when it comes to personal hygiene. Bacteria and virus are waiting for a chance to enter our body. The best way by which they can enter our body is through hands. So, washing hands is more important than you can imagine.

Before eating, after eating, after using bathrooms, after touching unclean materials…the need for washing hands goes on. Just washing hands won’t do the job, it should be done with a cleaning solution i.e hand wash liquids or soaps. Now WOPPER has introduced its hand washing liquid WOPPER HWRL which has an instant wash off technique without any greasy remnants.

Why WOPPER Hand Wash?

  • Powerful remover of oil, dirt and grease.
  • Solvent free.
  • Pleasant sandal fragrance.

Author: Shri Meera Labs

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