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Everyone is familiar with rust. When an iron or steel is exposed to air and water, gradually it will lead to rusting or corrosion. Rusting of machineries and thereby creating difficulties in operations are common in industries. But changing of machineries due to corrosion is not affordable. Inorder to help people to cope with these difficulties, WOPPER has developed a solution which will convert the rust into a black layer which will resist the moisture and protects the surface from further corrosion. Now say no to rust with Turbonol NILRUST.

What is Turbonol NILRUST 600?

Turbonol NILRUST 600 is a premium rust converter which offers ideal base for subsequent protective coat of paint.

Where to use Turbonol NILRUST 600?

  • All types of MS components
  • Oil refineries
  • Steel components and pipes
  • Construction (steel reinforcement rods)
  • Marine equipments
  • Chemical plants

How to use Turbonol NILRUST 600?

  • The product may be applied by dip, brush or spray method.
  • It can be applied at room temperature, as it is, without dilution.
  • The surface to be treated must be free from heavy soils and greases, though Turbonol NILRUST 600 has a powerful surfactant to remove any residual oil and grease matter.
  • Apply Turbonol NILRUST 600 liberally on the surface to be treated and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • During that time, rust would get converted into a ferroso-ferric complex.
  • The treated surface can be stored in open also, if the atmosphere is not corrosive.
  • The treated component must be left for a minimum of 24 hours before subsequent coatings.
  • The surface has to be rinsed thoroughly with de-ionized water to ensure removal of residual chemical and dried completely before painting.

How to store Turbonol NILRUST 600?

Turbonol NILRUST 600 must be stored in a shaded place at room temperatures. When stored in its original sealed container, it has a shelf life of at least 24 months. When the container is opened, it is advised to use the contents quickly. The container must be closed air-tight after every use.

Author: Shri Meera Labs

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