In this world of brands in all segments, whatever products we buy, there will be a lot of doubts that pops up in our mind. Here, Shri Meera Labs is giving you a platform to clarify all your doubts regarding cleaning products. Feel free to interact and explore the wonderful works of WOPPER.

  1. How to clean glass and countertops? 

Dilute WOPPER BMP and spray it to the glass and countertops. Clean it with a damp cloth. Since it is a concentrated solution, only less amount is required.

  1. Is it possible to use multi purpose solutions for soft surfaces?

Multi purpose solutions like WOPPER BMP are designed for hard surfaces and should not be used on soft surfaces.

  1. What is the need of multi-purpose solution when there are different types of solutions in market for different problems

Multi-purpose solution will be a single solution for all your problems. It effectively cleans food processing equipments, floors, walls, counter tops, doors, ceilings, glass, metals and general equipments.

  1. Do all cleaning solutions are safe to use around pets?

All cleaning solutions are not safe for pets. Some solutions may cause irritation for pets. WOPPER BMP and WOPPER DFC are safe to use around pets.

  1. Does it cause any problem if we apply more solution than the recommended dosage?

It is better to use the recommended dosage because in case of floor cleaning more solution may result in slippery floors.

  6. How to avoid dust and dirt accumulation?

Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid dust and dirt accumulation. A cleaning solution like WOPPER BMP can help you make your job easier.

  1. Will the repeated usage of cleaning solution in metal surfaces cause corrosion?

It will depend on the contents of the solution you are using. You can use an eco-friendly, non-corrosive solution like WOPPER BMP to clean the metal surfaces.

  1. How to give sparkling appearance for utensils?

Wash your utensils with WOPPER BVW, it will remove all the dirt and grease from the utensils and will give a sparkling appearance.     

  1. How to clean non-stick utensils?

You can use WOPPER BVW for cleaning non-stick utensils. It will help you to retain the quality of your vessel and will not cause any damage to your utensils. If it is having heavy carbon deposits and cooked on grease, you can use WOPPER BCC.

  1. How can I remove cooked on food residues, grease, dirt etc. from cookware and bakeware?

For removing food residues, grease etc. you can use WOPPER BVW, which is a premium dishwashing liquid.

  1. Which vessel wash liquid can be used in automatic dishwashing machine?

You can use WOPPER BVW in automatic dishwashing machine. Since it is concentrated, only less amont is required.

  1. How to prevent grills from rusting?

Proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary to prevent grill from rusting. WOPPER BGC can help you in removing the black sticky grim from the grill and keep it clean.

  1. How to remove carbonized soils from oven and grills?

Solutions like WOPPER BGC will effectively removes the carbonised solids from ovens and grills.

 14. How to remove the dirts accumulated in exhaust fans and chimneys?

Spray WOPPER BGC  to the dirt accumulated areas of exhaust fans and chimneys.Clean with a damp cloth.

  1. How can I remove carbon deposits from cookware?

For removing carbon deposits from cookware, you can use WOPPER BCC. For heavily soiled pans, submerge it in soak tanks containing WOPPER BCC solution for atleast 12 hrs.

16. Do all cleaning solutions are disinfectant?

No, all cleaning solutions are not disinfectant. You can use WOPPER DFC for disinfectant cleaning.

  1. How to maintain the beauty of your home?

Cleanliness is the main thing that matters the most in maintaining the beauty of your home. WOPPER DFC will help you to maintain the beauty of your floor by keeping it clean and making it wonderfully shine! WOPPER BDS will remove the lime scale traces on tapware all over the house.

  1. Do the disinfectant solutions kill all the germs?

No, all the disinfectant solutions will not kill all the germs. You can use certified disinfectant products like WOPPER DFC . It not only kills 99.9 % germs but also make your floor squeaky clean.

  1. Why is it written ‘bio degradable’in some products?

Some product like WOPPER DFC is biodegradable bacause it is made of eco-friendly, non toxic substances and is degradable.

  1. How to remove the foul odour and bad taste of water?

Foul odour and bad taste of water may be because of unclean tanks. WOPPER WTC can clean water tanks without much efforts and will remove all the contaminants from the tank.

  1. How to avoid waterborne diseases?

Impurities in water tank results in contamination of water thereby causing diseases. To avoid these waterborne diseases you should keep your tank clean. WOPPER WTC will effectively cleans the nook and corner of you tank thereby removing all the accumulated dirt and impurities.

  1. How to remove algae, fungus and dirt from water tanks?

To remove algae and fungus from your water tanks, you can use WOPPER Algaenil and for dirt and other impurities you can use WOPPER WTC.

  1. Does any odour free solution is available for tank cleaning?

Yes, you can use WOPPER WTC. It is an odourless, ecofriendly and biodegradable product for tank cleaning.

  1. Which tank cleaning solution is suitable for concrete water tanks?

You can use WOPPER WTC for concrete tanks. It can also be used for PVC, HDPE, tiles etc.

  1. What is the difference between a multi purpose cleanser and a floor cleanser?

Multipurpose surface cleaner can be used for cleaning food processing equipments and also floors, walls, counter tops, doors, ceilings, glass, metals and general equipments.

Floor cleansers are specially designed for cleaning floors. Some floor cleaners like WOPPER DFC will also act as a disinfectant.

  1. How to remove chalky deposits from kettles?

The chalky deposits found in kettles and other electronic appliances are called scales. These can be removed by using descaler like WOPPER BDS.

  1. What is the use of a descaling liquid?

A descaling liquid like WOPPER BDS will helps you to remove lime scales and rust deposits thereby helping you to get rid of blocked pipes, dull surfaces, problems in electronic appliances and much more.